Monday, 28 May 2012

About the Jury....

Laura Potter in her own words:
"I am a jeweller, even when I am not making jewellery. For me this describes an approach to the world, and to making objects, rather than a strict set of skills employed in the production of wearable things. My aim has always been to reflect everyday habits and common beliefs, whilst at the same time challenging abiding perceptions of jewellery's status as a Decorative Art. Personal possessions are integral to the way an individual constructs an identity; we compose and communicate who we are through the things we own. In this context jewellery items are extremely valuable, not only in material and aesthetic terms but because they are key artefacts through which we establish a sense of self....
...My work has been selected for the Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010 Renowned practitioners Hans StoferRichard Slee and Freddie Robins selected 29 objects investigating the notion of making, including a broad range of works from across different material practices. The piece selected by the panel is Love from Berlin."
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Timothy Information Limited (Tim Carson) in his own words:
"Founding member of Timothy Information Limited, Tim Carson was born in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, U.K. in 1967, but he grew up in a remote part of Herefordshire on a small holding with his parents, three siblings, two cows, 50 chickens, five ducks and a fluctuating number of lambs. He was in charge of the chickens.
It was in Herefordshire that an interest in art raised its head, so it was natural that Tim should attend the local Art College after he left school. During the course he began to develop an aptitude for working in small-scale metal. Next stop, Epsom School of Art, to study Jewellery. On graduating with a Higher National Diploma, Tim decided to work in the trade to polish up his skills. He worked at Spink and Sons (est. 1666), the London-based medal makers for two years. While there he started to set up his workshop, in a portakabin in Catford. In 1991 he left Spinks to set up his own business with the assistance of a grant from the Crafts Council.
Tim became a Crafts Council Selected maker in 1993. He consistently produced jewellery (under the non du plume of 'Timothy') for galleries, shops and exhibitions until 2000, including Electrum (London), Lesley Craze (London), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Scottish Gallery (Edinburgh), Contemporary Applied Arts (London), Artisans Gallery (New York). He's shown internationally in USA, Japan, France and Belgium. His work is in various private collections including Joe Mangle from the TV opus 'Neighbours'.
In 2000 Tim took on a fractional lecturing post in jewellery and silversmithing at London Metropolitan University (then London Guildhall). At the same time his work moved away from jewellery for a while, to larger scale wall and freestanding pieces. He only took on exhibitions that interested him (well, to be honest, the teaching takes up a lot of his time) like Velvet da Vinci's 'Anti War Medal Exhibition' and James Hockey Gallery's 'The Silent Scene - The Cultural Script in the Frame'. He also got involved in 'dialogue', an ongoing series of collaborative exhibitions involving jewellers and silversmiths. 'Dialogue 7' is now in the planning.
Tim is now back, making jewellery with Timothy Information Limited. The politics are still there, the kinetics are still there, the humour is still being attempted. There's just less swearing, at present."

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